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First of all, delete or deactivate the free version of Logo Carousel Slider. Then install the Pro version and activate the plugin. After successfully installing and activating the plugin, you will find Logo Carousel menu with four submenus on left column of WordPress dashboard. Submenus are All Logos, Add New Logo, Categories and Settings.

Logo Carouesl Menu

All Logos

Here you will find all the logos you have added. Clicking on any of ones title, you can update its content.

All Logos

Add New Logo

Its for adding logo with title, url and tooltip text. Publish after adding all this like you publish a post or a page. You have to use this submenu every time to add a new logo.

Add New Log

Logo Categories

If you need to categorize logos and display them based on category, use this submenu to add a new category or edit/delete existing ones.


Shortcode Generator

Shortcode Generator is to create a logo carousel slider, you can create as many as you need. Clicking on Shortcode Generator menu will take you to the page where you will find list of all the carousel sliders you have created. To create a new one, click on “Generate New Shortcode” and then configure any options as desired and then copy the shortcode from “Shortcode” section which is at the bottom of the Settings panel. Now paste the copied shortcode wherever you want to display the carousel slider.

generate shortcode
shortcode generator


Video Documentation